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    minimiser images produits

    oui, merci..
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  12. tdsoft

    isEan13 function

    What is Text that you enterred it and get INVALID?
  13. You can find Class PHP where execute Maill::Send and remove this function Learn more our blog, We write 39 email template from core of prestashop + PHP file to execute 39 this email: https://buy-addons.com/blog/39-prestashop-email-templates-works-prestashop/
  14. You should clone & modify Classic theme of Prestashop
  15. sanctusmob

    recaptcha στη login page

    Σε πιο login? (admin, customer) Εγώ έχω βάλει αυτό. https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/tree/17 Για το contact page. Αλλά μπορείς να το αλλάξεις και να το βάλεις όπου θέλεις.
  16. When you translate, Prestashop allow you choose YOUR theme that you want translated it???
  17. You can remove this block code in file: themes\classic\templates\checkout\_partials\customer-form.tpl Remove all of this block
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