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  2. Donc elle est comment ?
  3. essayer d'ajouter le dossier /cache de nouveau ?
  4. tuk66

    nahrání katalogu k prezentaci

    Ta stránka běží na pluginu do WordPressu. Pro PrestaShop jsem nic takového neviděl.
  5. Hi!Tell me how to do so that the stars in the rating are not svg, but FontAwesome. And even if the rating is not worth displaying just empty stars? Thanks
  6. Nur wenn die entsprechenden Hooks (Positionen) auch durch das Template aufgerufen werden.
  7. The solution I posted above is still valid in (with little adjustment): Adjust line 10 in file themes\classic\modules\ps_mainmenu\ps_mainmenu.tpl to {if $node.children|count>0} href="{$node.url}"{else} style="cursor: context-menu"{/if}" data-depth="{$depth}" 
  8. Oui, j'ai supprimé le thème installé.
  9. Je suis à prestashop j'ai changé la valeur dans define de false à true pour activer le débogagage, mais quand je relance mon site acune n'erreur ne s'affiche et mon site www.spyder.cm est toujours inaccessible. besoin d'aide s'il vous plait.
  10. Bonjour, avez vous supprimer le thème déjà ou non ? Enlever le X du module est essayer le Patch donner plus haut.
  11. Merhaba, prestashop sitemiz için ios webview app yaptık ancak uygulama içinde açılan sayfada Forbidden You don't have permission to access /.html on this server. hatası alıyorum. error log'a baktığımda ise ; [Thu May 23 08:42:12.850692 2019] [authz_core:error] [pid 21719] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /home/site/domains/site.com/private_html/.html hatası ile karşılaşıyorum. daha önce böyle bir şey başına gelen var mı acaba ?
  12. Bonjour, Merci pour vos conseils. Je souhaitais effectivement avoir accès au tableau de bord prestashop afin de virer le thème installé et repartir sur une base clean. Les manip d'hier ont par contre eu comme conséquence une error 500 sur plusieurs pages (catégories, produits...) hors accueil. Avec le mode debug sur la page produit : (1/1) FatalThrowableError Appel à une fonction membre buildShortCode () sur un booléen dans la ligne 27 de ProductController.php à ProductController -> getTemplateVarProduct ()dans la ligne 336 de ProductController.php sur ProductControllerCore -> initContent ()dans la ligne Controller 281 sur ControllerCore -> run ()dans la ligne 511 de Dispatcher.php sur DispatcherCore -> dispatch ()dans index.php ligne 28 Donc... y'a t il un moyen de réinitialiser prestashop en gardant le contenu, ou de corriger les erreurs citée, ou de carrément tout virer ? D'avance merci.
  13. JBW

    Product name length

    Then a recompile should activate the changes
  14. Hello, I just installed a mobilePay moduel, and cannot be used because after payment, it returns a 403 Error. I read all the articles about it, my hosting company remove all the restriction, but still got the same problem. Any advice? Thank you!
  15. Oui c'est fait, mais cela n'a pas résolu le problème.
  16. Non toujours pas j'ai également donné l'explication au début du sujet : Si on revient à l'erreur voilà ce qu'elle dit en Français : La déclaration méthode setMedia de la classe AdminApPageBuilderPositionsController doit être compatible avec la même méthode de sa classe parente AdminControllerCore Quand on regarde les deux méthodes setMedia on voit qu'une a un argument en plus : AdminApPageBuilderPositionsController::setMedia() AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false) Donc pour rendre la méthode enfant compatible on ajoute l'argument manquant
  17. It's not so simple. Because review title is required, there is some code that expects value to exists. If you just make this optional, then this code can throw exceptions. I plan to release new version soon, and this particular change (making review title not mandatory) will be part of it
  18. decorbay

    Product combinations on category page

    Thanks for the answers! I'm going to mostly sell window blinds and fabric's colour is the most important feature along with the level of blackout the fabric gives. I came to the conclusion that I will probably just add different colours as separate products and use canonical urls to avoid duplicate content. There are a few reasons why I want to do it this way: 1. The price of a window blind depends on the type of fabric (different price table for each fabric). Some fabrics are in 30-40 different colours. If I put all colours as attributes into one product then I would have to choose one of them as the main picture on category pages (I know there are colour snippets but it just doesn't look good this way). 2. If I have 30 colours of a product then how can I use features for colours? I would either have to put all of them into one long feature or make 30 features for each colour. Most colours are present in every fabric (at least the most popular ones, like white, black, gray etc.) with sometimes just a different shade. Either way using filtering would almost always result in showing all products anyway. However, If I put colours as separate products then you could easily filter through them. 3. If a customer is looking only for a specific colour (and they usually do from my experience), they would have to go through all the pictures in the gallery on products page (sometimes 30-40 pictures) to see the window blind made from that fabric. However, if it's done 'my way', they can just filter e.g. "gray" on category page and they will see all gray blinds from every collection of fabric. I think this is actually better for customer experience - you can find the exact colour you are looking for much faster. 4. I try to follow the example of big and successful shops that sell window blinds in my country and most of them have done it this way. 5. The amount of pictures in product page gallery. I have to have a picture of a window blind made in every colour - this is a must, just fabric samples are not enough. Some window blinds (e.g. roman roller blinds) can be sewn in two or three different ways which largely alter the blind's look and I have pictures for that in every colour as well. Following previous example, that would make 60-90 pictures in the gallery. Besides the 'main' picture of a window blind, I would like to upload some other pictures, like close-ups which would raise the total number of pictures in the gallery to.. well, it would be too much. I want to avoid putting pictures in product's description to make the website load faster. Also, wouldn't uploading that many pictures into product's gallery make the website load slower anyway? These are the main reasons for doing it the 'weird' way, I would appreciate any feedback on that.
  19. design4VIP

    Jak To zrobić?

    Jak wyzej... blok kategorii w lewej kolumnie. A tak, zeby nie przeladowywalo strony to mozesz go zastapic blokiem filtrow. Ale tego nie wyswietlisz na glowej w podstawowej wersji. Musialbys poszukac jakiegos filtrowania z uzyciem ajaxa.
  20. Sumax

    Product name length

    In product.tpl i've changed truncate to higher value
  21. Today
  22. Salut Florian, J'ai un peu le même problème. As-tu pu trouver la solution ? Gilles
  23. krzysiuus

    Zmiana szablonu i rozjechany sklep

    Najszybciej? Przywróć backup.
  24. Oh and also there is no difference between $this->context->smarty->assign( array( 'myvariable' => 'test' ) ); and $this->context->smarty->assign( 'myvariable' => 'test' ); I still get the error. As far as I tell, my hook is registered and ready to go.
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