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PrestaShop and Blog E-commerce bring you "The Comprehensive Guide to Search Engine Optimization." You'll find everything you need to know to create an effective SEO strategy for your ecommerce site.

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PrestaShop and Blog E-commerce bring you a collection of pragmatic SEO ecommerce advice proven to increase search engine rankings and generate highly targeted traffic.

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PrestaShop is a free and Open-source e-commerce software that allows you to build an online store. More than 250,000 e-businesses around the world are putting PrestaShop to use each day. PrestaShop has all the essential features required to enhance SEO of an e-commerce site.

Blog E-commerce

Blog E-commerce is the expert for optimizing online stores. Blog E-commerce brings its expertise in Search Engine Optimization to small and medium sized merchants. Their guides, tips, and tools to increase rankings are guaranteed to assist e-commerce sites reach the first page of Google.