What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a free shopping cart platform that helps small to large businesses create and run a successful online store.

How much does PrestaShop cost?

PrestaShop is 100% free. No monthly fees. No commissions on your sales.

Why is PrestaShop free?

We believe everyone should have the ability to start an online store for free. By forming partnerships with industry leaders (such as Google, PayPal, eBay, etc.), we are able to share our powerful ecommerce software with the world, for free. These strategic partnerships empower our users with rich features and financially support the progress and growth of PrestaShop.

How do I start my online store?

If you’re an online merchant that wants to get up and running instantly, PrestaShop Cloud is the perfect fit. If you’re a developer or tech-savvy, go for PrestaShop Download. Not sure which one to choose? Compare PrestaShop Cloud and PrestaShop Download.

I’m already using another shopping cart, how can I switch to PrestaShop?

No matter what ecommerce software you’re using, we’ve made it easy to migrate your store to PrestaShop. Find out how to switch to PrestaShop quickly and seamlessly without losing your store data.

What types of businesses use PrestaShop?

From goods and services to downloadable products and reservations, PrestaShop is designed to fit all types of businesses. You can get a taste of the stores we’re powering in our store showcase.

I need help

Where can I find a guide to help me with PrestaShop?

Find the help you need in the PrestaShop documentation.

I have a question about my online store.

The PrestaShop forum is a great place to find answers and exchange advice. You can post a question or search previous posts to see if someone has already shared the answer.

I need professional support.

We have experts waiting to help. Sign up for a technical support plan.

I am looking for a web agency or freelancer to build my store.

We have teamed up with the most talented web agencies and freelancers in the industry. Check out our roster of PrestaShop Partner Web Agencies.

I want to learn how to make the most out of PrestaShop.

We offer a variety of training courses to fit the needs of all levels. Our in house experts instruct courses in person or online. Sign up for one of our upcoming courses.

PrestaShop Cloud

What is PrestaShop Cloud?

PrestaShop Cloud is the free hosted version of PrestaShop. With just an email address, users can create an online store on www.prestashop.com in a matter of minutes. The completely intuitive installation allows anyone to sell online.

How do I start selling online with PrestaShop Cloud?

It’s really simple to start an online store with PrestaShop Cloud. It takes minutes and doesn’t require technical knowledge. Simply enter your email address and the name of your shop on www.prestashop.com. We will guide you, step by step in customizing and configuring your shop.

How can PrestaShop Cloud be completely free?

PrestaShop and PrestaShop Cloud are both based on the same economic model. We make money selling optional additional features and community developed themes. We also partner with industry companies to offer their services to our merchants.

I have a PrestaShop Download store and want to migrate to the Cloud version. How can I do so?

Right now we don’t have a fully automated process to completely migrate your shop from PrestaShop Download to PrestaShop Cloud. However, with dedicated modules, you can export your content and data then re-import them both into your new shop.

I build ecommerce websites with PrestaShop Download. Can I do the same with PrestaShop Cloud?

Yes, you can create and customize stores for merchants with PrestaShop Cloud. You’ll have access to themes, modules and overrides files. However, we’ve limited the access to source files, specifically the core of the software. So we recommended building your client’s store with PrestaShop Cloud when they require little or no technical customization. (As always, you can code your heart out with the Download version of our software.)

What are the customization capabilities for PrestaShop Cloud?

You can customize your online shop using any module or theme available on PrestaShop Addons. Using modules and themes from our marketplace, ensures they are compatible with PrestaShop’s software. It is why only modules and templates from PrestaShop Addons can be installed on our Cloud version. If you’d like to make visual changes to your storefront, you have access to the themes, modules and overrides files.

What will happen to PrestaBox and its users?

PrestaBox will continue to operate normally and service will be maintained for all users. We will, however, begin limiting new user’s ability to create online stores with PrestaBox and redirect them to PrestaShop Cloud.

With PrestaShop Cloud, will you ever stop being open-source?

PrestaShop is, and has always been, an open source and free project. It will remain one. PrestaShop Cloud simply removes technical and financial barriers associated with selling online. It is our next step in making ecommerce accessible to everyone.

I develop modules for merchants. Can I do the same for PrestaShop Cloud users?

Yes! When you sell modules and themes on PrestaShop Addons, they become available to merchants on both PrestaShop Cloud and download.

Why is it mandatory to sell modules & themes on PrestaShop Addons to make them available to all Cloud users?

For security reasons and coding best practices, modules and themes for PrestaShop Cloud need to be validated by our PrestaShop Addons team. This process ensures module performance and allows us, for example, to upgrade the cloud platform without difficulty.

If you are not selling your modules on PrestaShop Addons, create an account and make your module available to a wave of new online merchants selling on PrestaShop Cloud.

Do I get a domain name?

When you create your store you’ll receive a subdomain at no cost. You can purchase or add a custom domain name from your PrestaShop.com account at any time.

PrestaShop Download

What is PrestaShop Download?

PrestaShop Download gives you access to our open source code. You can build and self-host your shop and edit all of the files.

Where can I download PrestaShop?

Download the latest version of PrestaShop.

PrestaShop Download is open source, what’s that?

Open source means that PrestaShop’s code is made public for the community and public to edit. We encourage contributions so we can continue building software based on real life merchant experiences.

PrestaShop Addons

What is PrestaShop Addons?

PrestaShop Addons is PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace. This is where you’ll find over 3,500+ additional modules and professional themes to further customize your store.

What is a module?

A module, similar to a plug-in, is a small app that integrates seamlessly on your PrestaShop store and adds features and functionality to your front and back office.

What is a theme?

A theme is a professionally designed template to customize the look and feel of your storefront. Every template on Addons is easy to install, set up and update.

Do I have to buy modules and themes to run an online store?

Nope! PrestaShop includes 350 free features and a customizable, mobile responsive default template. From payment solutions to marketing features, PrestaShop comes with everything you need to start a professional online store.

Get Involved

I’m a developer. How can I join the community?

Visit our community page to see the different ways to get involved.

How do I get my store on the PrestaShop showcase?

We love seeing new stores every day. Submit your shop to the showcase.

Where can I get the latest PrestaShop news?

You can get the latest news delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

I want to follow PrestaShop on social media.

We’re flattered! Start a conversation with us on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and Reddit.