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At our recent Barcamp 7, we announced the release of the Alpha version of PrestaShop Version 1.6. Missed the event? Today we’ll take an in-depth look at the key enhancements of the v.1.6 Front Office and its refreshing new features!

Let’s discover the redesigned and brilliant Front Office highlighting new technologies that will help merchants give customers an unforgettable and unmatched online shopping experience!

A Refreshing New Responsive Default Theme

The enhanced new default theme is sleek and responsive making PrestaShop stores accessible on all screen sizes including mobile devices and tablets! This new version also includes Live Template edits directly from the Front Office, allowing merchants to edit the colors and fonts of their online shop in just a few clicks, without any technical knowledge!

Redesigned Home Page

Attractive Banners
We’ve added attractive new banners that will help merchants highlight sales, marketing campaigns and promotions. Banners can be customized for different pages including best sellers, new products, product categories, etc. letting you highlight the products you want customers to see!

Reassuring Footer
Build more trust in customers and transform visitors into buyers with our redesigned footer. The new default template includes the essential ingredients to set you up for online success.

Rich Menu
PrestaShop v.1.6 offers new and improved navigation elements making navigating your online shop easier and more effective than ever. Add as many categories as you’d like with this rich menu and add banners within the menu to highlight a category, product or promotion and as a result boost sales!

Improved Shopping Cart
The shopping cart in v.1.6 has been optimized to improve the shopping experience for your customers. Products added for purchase will fly into a customer’s shopping cart showing all of the product’s essential information (price, quantity and attributes).

Add to Cart Confirmation with Cross Selling
A pop-up confirmation has been added in v 1.6 that includes suggested complementary products to help increase your sales quickly and efficiently!

Product Quick View
The new Quick View feature allows your customers to hover over products to get a quick understanding of the key product details without having to redirect to a new page.

Product Categories

Product Display as Grid or List
By keeping the idea of simplifying the shopping experience on your online store in mind, customers can now decide if they would like to view your products in list or grid form. This provides your customers with easier and preferable navigation capabilities to improve conversion rates.

Search by Product Attributes
We’ve included the ability to search and filter products by attributes such as price, color, brands and more! Attributes are completely customizable so that you can make searching on your site easy and effective.

Product Pages

Product Page Layout
By working closely with online merchants in the redesign of PrestaShop v.1.6 front office, we’ve made changes to the product pages to optimize the layout of product information. Each element of a product page has been well thought out to increase your conversion rate!

Product Reviews
We understand the importance of product reviews for your customers which is why this new feature is integrated in v.1.6 to help boost sales. This has been integrated in alignment with the best practices of Google Rich Snippets. Specifically, your products will appear in search engine results with customer reviews and a link to your product page. This will increase click through rates and drive new and qualified traffic to your e-shop!

Want to know more details about this new version? Check out our Progress Page for PrestaShop Version 1.6 and track our development team’s progress as we work to bring you the best e-commerce solution to date!

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