Progress of PrestaShop Version 1.6

Stay up-to-date on our team's progress as we work to release the revolutionary and highly anticipated PrestaShop v.1.6!

Progress of PrestaShop Version 1.6

PrestaShop v1.6

v1.6 Final
Feature / Task Status Progress Last Status Update
Integration of New Technologies Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

At the forefront of the latest innovative web technology, v1.6 integrates with Bootstrap 3.0, FontAwesome, Sass Compass and D3 Data Driven Documents. Online Shopping has never been so technologically brilliant.

User-friendly Redesigned Back-Office Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

This newly designed BackOffice simplifies management by removing unnecessary information and clutter of confusing options. Did we mention how beautiful it is?

Fully Responsive Back-Office Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

Have a flight to catch? Don't worry, with the new fully responsive Back-Office, you can easily manage your entire store from any mobile device and tablet. You are now fully connected to your store, wherever you go.

Brilliant New Dashboard Look Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We worked directly with merchants and developers to completely revamp the look and feel of the Dashboard. The information important to YOU is clearly and cleanly displayed in the dashboard, updated in real-time.

Real-time Net Profit Margin Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

A unique e-commerce feature you will only find in PrestaShop v1.6, Net Profit Margin is automatically updated in real-time. Know your sales and your profits instantly, any minute of the day.

Smart Forecast Statistics Panel Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

With our new Forecast Statistics panel, you can see how your sales are trending and what the outlook is for the future. Now merchants can make smarter business decisions based on current trends and updated forecasts.

Intelligent Merchant KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

You'll find valuable KPI information located throughout select pages in the Back-Office. These KPI statistics give you advanced insights on your shop such as what percentage of your customers are male, what is your best selling product of the month and much more!

Redesigned Fully Responsive Front-Office Default Template Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

The Front Office got a complete makeover. It’s stylish, sleek and smart laced with the latest technology to give your customers a shopping experience they'll never forget.

Live Template Edits from Front-Office Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

With Sass Compass technology merchants can change the look of their Front-Office without any advanced technical knowledge. Change and format the CSS of your store in just a few clicks using the new Live Template Edit feature.

Instant Field Format Validation Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We added an instant validation in fields for your customers account creation, email and more. If they use an invalid format, they will be notified instantly in an non-obtrusive fashion ensuring you get the right customer information.

Attractive Promotional Banners for Category, Best Sellers, New Products… Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We added attractive new banners to highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions. Customize these banners for each of your pages and highlight what you want your customers to see.

Product View - Grid or List Option Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

Scrolling through products has never been easier. Your customers can now seamlessly switch product views from grid to list to simplify their shopping experience and increase your conversion rate.

Instant Filtered Search by Product Attributes Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We included a professional search navigation that instantly filters your products by attributes such as price, color, manufactuer and more. The attributes are customizable and can be tailored to whatever your business is. We all have our preferences when shopping and online shopping is no different. In v1.6, you give your customers the fastest and most effective way to search for products and checkout.

Integrated Product Comparison with Dedicated URL Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We've added an all new Comparison feature for all products in your shop. A dedicated URL is created for all comparisons to make it easy for customers to share with family and friends.

Powerful Navigation with Rich Menu Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

We included the powerful and popular Rich Menu module into the default theme. The customization options and professional design of this advanced menu are just one of the many front office improvements.

Brand New Add to Cart Confirmation with Cross Selling Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

A totally new and user-friendly Add to Cart feature displays a pop-up confirmation to customers along with related and complementary products for quick and effective cross-selling.

New Quick View Product Feature Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

The new Quick View feature allows your customers to hover over products to get a quick glimpse of important product details without ever clicking

Seamless Upgrade Performance Complete 100% March 6th, 2014

[Upgrade Not Available Until Final Release] In response to requests from our merchant and developer community, we built v1.6 with ZERO core changes from 1.5x. Now, any 1.5x store can seamlessly upgrade! Do not upgrade until the final stable version is available. Make sure to follow the upgrade guide and use the Auto-Upgrade Module to start using PrestaShop v1.6, the future of Ecommerce.