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lost latest posts top of forum after site upgrade

20 June 2017 - 08:31 PM

Hi everyone, this is directed at CM specifically but anyone else can vote up/down.


upon landing in forum we are missing the 'latest' posts.  This was super cherry because those active in forum could easily respond to new topics that were familiar with.  after latest ps website upgrade we lost the 'new posts' and hopefully it will return.  happy day from Kansas City...el

[Module] Do We Deliver To You? Widget PS 1.6 | 1.7

20 June 2017 - 08:20 PM

Do We Deliver To You? 

Compatibility PrestaShop 1.6.x | 1.7.x

MultiShop Compliant: Yes

Demo 1.6 | Demo 1.7

Certified PrestaShop Deveopers | Certified Partner Agency

YouTube Video

More module information at PrestaHeroes.com

Do We Deliver To You? 
  • Do we delivery to you module allows visitors to quickly know if your products are available in their area.
  • Visitor can easily verify using the zip code if your product is available in their area.  This might be for delivery or shipping.  
  • Allows customers who are connected or not to check if delivery is available for their area. You just need to add a list of zip codes and here you go. The module will handle the checking of the zip codes.
Benefits for Merchants
The module will reduce the number of abandoned cart caused by the absence of carrier in the customer’s area.
  •      Ability to add manually zipcode by city and state
  •      Bulk import of zipcode with .CSV file
  •      Ability to Activate/disable a single zipcode
  •      A powerful hook manager by device Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Hook the module anywhere.
Benefits for Customers
  • Customers will gain time using this module. Because they can know before adding product to the cart if a carrier is available or not for them. This will reduce also the frustrations of the customers.
  • Provides upfront assurance to your visitor they can obtain your product.

widget_17_fo.jpgMore module information at PrestaHeroes.com


[TIP] Admin Login Screen ‘Stay Logged In’ Checked (by default) PS1.7 PS1.6

14 May 2017 - 09:29 PM

Here is simple solution for setting default ‘Stay Logged In’ to checked by default.  Note because I use computer password to access my computer having this checked makes sense.




Find this file



Create a back up of this file


Find this line of html code: 

<input name="stay_logged_in" type="checkbox" id="stay_logged_in" value="1"           tabindex="3"/>

And add  checked="checked" and would look like this:

<input name="stay_logged_in" checked="checked" type="checkbox" id="stay_logged_in" value="1"   tabindex="3"/>

Happy PrestaShopping, el

UPS MODULE Supporting 'pallets' and 'ltl'.

13 May 2017 - 08:23 PM

We are searching for module solution (currently modifying existing paid UPS module) that can handle sending a pallet based on quantity for even given product.  The number of boxes per pallet may differ.


This is  for client who has had shop for one year but original dev did not include shipping of product.  So I thought how hard could this be?  Pretty hard so far...lol


So if anyone can give advice on a UPS module or a module api consolidator that works with UPS and other shippers that would be great.  Else we do it the old fashioned way, take something 'half done' and complete it.


ps1.6 US Shipping Only


Happy PrestaShopping. 

[Module] PrestaShop Shipping Commander The Ultimate Solution for Shipping Information

19 October 2016 - 10:42 AM


PrestaShop Shipping Commander

The Ultimate Solution for visitor and customer shipping Localization. Reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate shipping prices and carrier choices for both logged and non-logged visitors.


PrestaShop and higher

Core Changes: No | Database Changes: No |Multi-shop Compliant: Yes

PrestaShop Addons Validation: Yes 100% Love

PrestaShop Certified Developers | Certified PrestaShop US Agency 'PrestaHeroes'

One Class Override to create spectacular.

Front Office Demo

Back Office Demo (demo@demo.com demodemo)


Please make sure to 'follow' this forum post for updates.



Shipping Commander is the ultimate solution for both non-logged and logged visitor shipping.  


We took our extensive knowledge of PrestaShop and Localization and created THE 'best in class' Shipping Commander.  There is no other shipping solution for 'any' eCommerce on the planet. Please see front and back office demos and see amazing. 


Solves handling of:

  • non-logged visitors being shown the shop's default country shipping.
  • logged in customer can only view shipping options of their selected delivery country.
  • other shipping options are not visible until sign in and final checkout.

Key Benefits:

  • Visitors/Customers can easily select their 'delivery country' and know all shipping options available to them.
  • Localizes all 'by country' shipping and 100% compatible with existing zone, product associated, advanced stock management and warehouse configurations.
  • Requires zero(0) changes to your existing shipping definitions.
  • One-click install with feature rich widget configuration by device type: desktop | tablet | mobile.  Hook widget 'anywhere' without limits.
  • Geo Targeting: Automatically localizes shipping based using your shops existing PrestaShop country detects.  

Benefits Visitors (non-logged)

  • Provides accurate shipping costs and a visual indicator of their delivery country not your shop's default shipping country.
  • Is not confused by seeing default country shipping prices that are not relevant to them.
  • Creates complete visitor experience and will significantly reduce cart abandonment for visitors .

Benefits Customers (logged)

  • Can view all shipping options available to them anywhere on your shop.
  • Today customers can only view shipping carriers related to their existing delivery address selected.  Ship Commander allows them to choose any delivery country at anytime without need to change or add the delivery country address.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Significantly reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate shipping costs and options throughout the shopper's visit.
  • Bridges the localization gap by providing accurate shipping costs and carrier choices for logged and non-logged visitors.
  • No changes to any of existing PrestaShop shipping configuration. Is 100% compatible with your existing shipping configuration; zones, product associated carriers, advanced stock management (ASM) and warehouses. Solves many issues for shops using multiple warehouses.
  • Compliant with all PrestaShop localization methods, Geo Location | Set Country by Visitor Language |++ | compliant 3rd modules that localize using visitor cookie country.
  • Configure display widget for Desktop | Tablet | Mobile. Built in hook manager that allows hook anywhere by device type.
  • Visitors/Customers can view available carriers and select another carrier option.
  • Optionally consolidates all visitor's localization choices into the widget, Language and Currency.



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