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[Module] PrestaShop International Shipping Carrier Localization Pro

19 October 2016 - 10:42 AM


PrestaShop International Shipping Carrier Localization Pro


PrestaShop -

Core Changes: No | Database Changes: No |Multi-shop Compliant: Yes

PrestaShop Addons Validation: Yes 100% Love

PrestaShop Certified Developers | Certified PrestaShop US Agency 'PrestaHeroes'

One Class Override to create spectacular.

Front Office Demo

Back Office Demo (demo@demo.com demodemo)

User Guide: Attached File  locshiprpo_guide_en.pdf   752.77KB   3 downloads


Module @ PrestaHeroes.com

Please make sure to 'follow' this forum post for updates.


Extends Existing PrestaShop Shipping and Logistics

  • Today International visitors are served the shops default country carriers until they sign in and a delivery address is known.
  • Extends your existing by country shipping by localizing on visitor country much like we do for language or currency.
  • Visitors and logged-in customers are provide accurate shipping
  • Extends your carrier visibility, now only seen at checkout, your shop carriers are available throughout the visitor’s experience.
  • Allows you to be aggressive with by country shipping marketing strategy which is now not localized and not known to customer until final checkout.   The want options and they want them instantly.
  • Totally transparent to your existing shipping configuration.  We work at native feature level to return correct carrier costs from PrestaShop to your customer.  


This is 'the must have' module for PrestaShops with international shipping. 


Key Benefits

  • Visitor shipping is automatically localized and enables visitor change of delivery country. 
  • Localizes your complete shipping, by country shipping, product associated shipping, advanced stock management and warehouses. 

Benefits for Merchants

  • Bridges the localization gap by providing accurate shipping costs and carrier choices for logged and non-logged visitors as is done with language and currency.
  • No changes to any of existing PrestaShop shipping configuration.
  • Transparent to your existing PrestaShop shipping configuration.
  • Responsive visitor widget, configurable by device type.
  • Built in hook manager that allows hook anywhere by device type. 
  • Compatible with native localization detect, i.e. will localize automatically on visitor country cookie.  

Case Study:

Current Shipping | Carrier Behavior

  • Non-logged: served default shop country shipping.
  • Logged-in: served customer delivery address from addresses.  And to localizes on other address requires 1) that delivery country address exists, if not it must be added and 2) manual selection of address in addresses before accurate shipping is used.
This creates large gap between visitor landing and sign-in before providing accurate shipping costs and carrier options.


Module Extended Shipping | Carrier Behavior:

  • Non-logged:  localized on visitor cookie country as set by PrestaShop and as used for localizing language/currency/prices etc.  
  • Logged-in visitors may change their delivery country without need of adding new delivery country to addresses, thought widget will prompt them to add address to complete checkout.
Now all your shipping is localized both internally and through visitor widget creating perfect visitor experience.

Key Features

  • Compliant with all PrestaShop localization methods, Geo Location | Set Country by Visitor Language |++ | compliant 3rd modules that localize using visitor cookie country.
  • Configure display widget for Desktop | Tablet | Mobile. 
  • Enable display Carrier(s) in widget to let your visitors view their current carrier and select another carrier option as they desire.
  • Visitor can see current carrier used to calculate shipping or select another carrier at anytime during their visit and from any page.
  • Optionally consolidate all visitor localization choices into the widget, Language and Currency.
  • State of the ‘art’ hook manager by device, allows you to select one or more existing hooks already registered in your shop.

Benefits for visitors.

  • Provides accurate shipping costs and a visual indicator of their delivery country adding confidence to checkout out process.
  • Is not presented default country shipping costs when their delivery address is different or unknown.
  • By localizing shipping like currency and language we create perfect visitor experience and significantly reduce cart abandonment for international customers.



Cookie Law Modules do any of the actually work? No! "A Rant"

12 October 2016 - 04:19 PM

One of the things that drive me crazy.


If the visitor country does not participate in cookie law requirements, then don't show it.


I look at a 'lot' of ps shops, and with living in the US, if show me cookie message is a 'huge' turn off.



So those of you that live in cookie law world but sell to countries that only want their cookies with milk.  Then contact your developer and tell them to fix their module.


At the end of the day, present a visitor with information that is useless, and requiries a click to make go away, it's just as easy to close the browser window.


happy day, el


PrestaShop Demo New RC2 Take it for a test drive.

10 October 2016 - 11:43 PM

If you would like a glimpse of new 1.7 Release Code 2 you can access the back and front office.


Learn more here from PrestaShop about this new release candidate.


Back Office




Front Office



This topic is not for reporting any technical issues or feature requests.


For reporting issues or feature requests please use forge. Create a Forge ticket!


This shop is base install running full SSL.  


I'm pretty excited, we did about a months worth of new development in beta4, with spectacular results.  I am convinced that 1.7 allows developers to create features in modular form that now can only be done with custom change to each shop.


Happy day, from Kansas City, Missouri.  el


Note: I am a grandfather of 7,  so if I can install it it must have been easy. :)


[Announcement] eTiendas.co is now PrestaHeroes.com!

03 September 2016 - 02:39 PM

Hi everybody a quick message from El Patron (Fred).


eTiendas.co is now PrestaHeroes.com.



What started out as a small shop in 2009 ( of unique PrestaShop modules has grown over the last few years to include a complete professional team of heroes.  There is nothing we have not done or cannot do within the PrestaShop framework.


PrestaHeroes is also Certified PrestaShop Agency, learn more about my companies work on the official PrestaShop website.  Our team includes two Certified Developers.  


With a staff of 10 people in three different countries we cover most time zones and a lot of languages and in last three years have completed over over 350 projects.  We measure success by not having a fail rate.


Learn more about PrestaHeroes.com Technical Support.


Area's of passion:

Shop Upgrades including 'spectacular' Front Office Configuration with emphasis on 'above the fold' visitor experience. Fast quote here.

PrestaShop Fast Affordable Technical Support. Fast Quote here.

PrestaShop Site Audit (SEO) over 30 years of combined experience providing immediate and forward solutions. Website Audit here.


Happy day,  el




[MODULE Gratuit] SEO Localization Google Hreflang Pro

03 July 2016 - 11:05 PM





Attached File  hreflangpro.zip   16.97KB   29 downloads

compatibilité 1.5 | 1.6 | 1.7

Les Anglais post

Traduction française par Mohamadou Ndiaye


Happy day, el patron and razaro


La description:

Fournit signal (s) SEO Google et d'autres moteurs de recherche quelle langue (s) | (s) pays / région (s) contenu est disponible pour. Pour le signal de SEO magasins multilingues pour l'auto ou visiteur support de sélection pour la langue.


Usage note:

  • hreflang includes x-default
  • hreflang attribute in <head />

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