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PrestaShop Server | Hosting Move Service by PrestaHeroes.com

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PrestaHeores PrestaShop Google Page Speed Optimization Service

22 February 2017 - 05:32 PM


by PrestaHeroes A Certifed PrestaShop Agency

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Check out PrestaHeroes.com Upgraded Front Office and more

13 February 2017 - 01:38 PM

Hi community,



PrestaHeroes recently released our upgraded PrestaShop (1609/1617) with new front office to show off some madz skillz...Our main business is providing 'heroic' services for companies in PS eco.  Our service side portal was/is here.  This project was to merge services into our PrestaShop.  It's a street cred thing, who wants service provider that cannot run their business on PrestaShop?  Rule the Pool




  • We are also using our internally developed AMP for mobile module so visit us on your mobile.  And if you want to go AMP pm me, we hook you up...we are at this very moment primo amp in ps. :)
  • Most of our other module works are run on our own shop as well.  
  • We have 12 internal 'minor' tickets and learning moving forward, i.e. rants/raves.
  • The quote system is interesting, check it out on service side....
  • Now you want to see something super cool? Check AMP Module product page  and notice product design page...supertools available now to make spectacular product presentations...so see a lot of fun in that area.

Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP Module For Prestashop 1.6

31 January 2017 - 12:34 PM


This module covers the need of faster mobile pages.2017 is Google's first Mobile Index Search Result, so we created this module to Boost your mobile results into the TOP placements in Google Mobile Search. 

We're developing this module for over 6 months, and have been rigorously tested. The module has been the first AMP module for PrestaShop out there, but we released it recently, as we wanted to cover the entire range of pages which PrestaShop has.


 The Module creates AMP version of the following pages: 

1. We covered the Product page adding inside the module (Backoffice) the possibility to choose in regards to activate or deactivate the product description, Product Review as well the Product features. We created a special message in regards to the Add to Cart section. 

2. We covered the category listing pages. we made sure that your store is presented in a beautiful way. 

3.We. covered the index page, allowing you to add a specific slider, or activate the featured, New, Best seller products. 

4. We covered the CMS pages as well. 

What makes AMP so important is the speed which is up to 7x faster than a standard Responsive version. 

In order to obtain the best possible working solution instead of a single module, we built 3 module, which offers you the wide range and flexibility which the standard Prestashop offer to users: 

Modules Included: 

Standard AMP module
AMP Menu Module
AMP Slider Module


There is  no PrestaShop site which wouldn't work with our AMP module, and in case there is something wrong, we're more than happy to solve that for you. 

Features of the Module: 



Results in Google : 


More information's about module you can find here:


Accelerated Mobile Pages - Google AMP

In case you have specific question in regards to the module itself, about functionality, or special requests, please don't hesitate to write the PrestaHeroes Team directly here or send us your question directly through our New site.


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