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CSV import & export files enquiry

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I am using PS and am trying to import a CSV file with my products
I already have the categories and a product in each category. I exported the products file as a CSV and edited it Once I tried to import it back into PS w/ my new products it gave me errors and nothing imported.

When I downloaded the sample file and tried to import it, it worked 100%!?

I would like to know why the discrepancy?
Also if the sample file works, why does it contain so many fields (like sales from date & to date & discount etc. etc?)
Is there an easier file or a shorter/quicker way to update the file and import it?



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You have to use the sample Products.csv and fill your products data in there.

Mind that not all those columns are required so you can remove the columns you don't need from this sample file.

The required columns have a star, "*", next to the column title.

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Hi Rhobur

Thank you for clarifying this!

Based on your reply, you said only the required columns have a "*" next to them. From my sample file only the Name field has that. Does this mean I can omit all other fields and it will still work?

The other frustration I am experiencing is that it is taking a very long time to configure the csv file in that 1 line mis-configured and the whole import needs to be canceled so the line can be rectified!
Is there perhaps some free module/file that comes w/ PS to populate?

Thank You

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Yes, you can skip any column not marked with the "*" although if you skip the category for example. all your products will be assigned to the default Home category.

As for a free module to populate your csv I am sorry, not aware of something like that.

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