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[Module] Page Cache Pro - Boost page speed & optimize server resource

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For a good customer’s shopping experience, page speed is an important consideration. Faster page speed makes customers feel satisfied and is also good for SEO, customers may stay on your online store longer, browse more pages and buy more products, thus increasing your conversion rate. 

Page speed optimization is a complicated topic that tends to be very technical. But don't be worried, here at ETS-Soft we've developed a speed optimization tool which is easy to use but still brings to you the best result. 

Page Cache Pro with page cache and other modern caching technologies, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification, GZIP compression and system analytics can guarantee to make your website faster than ever in just a few clicks!

Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.0.4 – v1.7.6.0

Download Page Cache Pro on Addons marketplace: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/25875-page-cache-pro.html


Page Cache Pro brings to you these useful speed optimization technologies:

Page cache: Significantly improves your site speed by storing all static content in HTML files. This module also supports cronjob feature to help you automatically regenerate page cache for smoother user experience on the front office.

Other caching technologies: Besides page cache, this module also provides you other powerful caching technologies such as server cache, Smarty cache, browser cache, Memcached, etc. to optimize data processing time and thus boost site loading time. 

HTML, JavaScript and CSS minification: reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files to load your online store faster on visitors' web browser.

GZIP compression can decrease the size of the data loaded to the visitor and speed up page loading time without sacrificing the image quality or other graphics.

Database optimization: save database space and reduce database access time. Your website speed will be considerably improved after using this feature.

System analytics: help you keep track of installed modules' performance and provide useful recommendations to further optimize your Prestashop site's speed.

Improve SEO ranking: Google appreciates websites having quality and high loading speed. Thanks to this module, your website will have super high page speed and therefore more likely to appear on top position on the search result page. 




1. Professional dashboard

  • Module’s dashboard helps you keep track of module’s activities.
  • You can use “Auto configuration” feature to set everything up in 1 click

2. Page cache settings

  • You can enable/disable page cache, compress cache files into .ZIP files, automatically refresh caches using cronjob and count how many times a page cache is used.
  • You can add URL exceptions (URLs which will not be cached), select page to cache and adjust page cache lifetime, enable/disable cache for certain modules and hooks
  • You can also enter Live JavaScript - JavaScript code that you need to execute after non-cached content is fully loaded

3. Minification and other caches

  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript in just 1-click
  • Option to enable/disable server cache and Smarty cache
  • You can enable/disable GZIP & browser cache, apply default settings for browser cache elements and GZIP cache or adjust lifetime for browser cache elements (images, icons, CSS, etc.)

4. Database optimization and system analytics

  • Clean unnecessary data in Prestashop database to improve your page loading time
  • Keep track of the performance of installed modules thanks to system analyzation tool
  • Extra checkpoints to make sure your front office has the fastest speed

5. Other

  • Support multi-shop mode and multi-language
  • Quick access menu in back office

If you have any question related to this Prestashop page cache module, please leave a comment or contact me directly. I’m always ready to answer your questions.

Download link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/25875-page-cache-pro.html




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