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Presta is blocking 301 htaccess redirects


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I'm using prestashop on 7.2 PHP LiteSpeed Server.
I moved my shop form domain.pl/sklep/ to domain.pl and blog from domain.pl to domain.pl/blog/.
When I ceated redirects I saw that a few rediredcts from domain.pl to domain.pl/blog/ aren't working.

Server support was looking with me for solution but only thing we deducatet is that probably prestashop is blocking "1 level" redirects like:

Redirect 301 /bogowie https://slowianskibestiariusz.pl/blog/bogowie/

So redirect from https://slowianskibestiariusz.pl/bogowie is working randomly, but:

Redirect 301 /bogowie/page/2 https://slowianskibestiariusz.pl/blog/bogowie/page/2/ 
Redirect 301 /bogowie/page/3 https://slowianskibestiariusz.pl/blog/bogowie/page/3/

Redirect from https://slowianskibestiariusz.pl/bogowie/page/2 is working always without problem.

Not every "1 lvl" redirect isn't working, for example this one is working well:

Have you ever seen issue like that or have idea how to fix it?

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