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Saving product creates thousands of duplicate features

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I recently ran into a bizarre issue. I have a product, with no combinations, but it has three attributes and one custom feature. The product has been in the system for a while, and I've edited the price, description, and photos several times already. Each time, everything went smoothy. This time when I saved, the custom feature that I had configured duplicated itself thousands of times. Within a few moments, the page displayed everyone's favorite 500 Internal Server Error.

Every time I tried to access that page, I got the 500 Internal Server Error.  I tried all the usual tricks for debugging PrestaShop, and the only thing I had were memory warnings in the log file stating that the application was asking for ridiculous amounts of memory and dying out. So, knowing that my server could handle just about anything, I temporarily set ini_set('memory_limit', '-1'); and set_time_limit(0);

Then, I clicked on the product in the dashsboard, sat back and waited about 5 minutes. When the page FINALLY rendered, that's when I saw the 2300 custom features.

To "fix" the product, I used some simple queries to remove the custom features from the following tables; ps_feature_valueps_feature_product and ps_feature_lang. The custom feature was repeated 2300 times  in each table, and thus was a very easily identified pattern in the DB.

Having no luck finding other posts in the forums about this, maybe my story would help others.

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More than one year later and the problem seems to be not fixed as i have exactely the same problem described by Bryon Black.

I do confirm that there's still a big problem when you duplicate a product that has custom features with version

On the admin pannel, when you click "duplicate", there's a thousand of features that are created in the product that was duplicated in the database.

Any help to fix this as soon as possible will be highly appreciated.

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I turned off the functions availability on Advanced configurations > performance > preferences

so far, so I can continue working. this actin won't affect the product filter function as well.

The problem might be on a php function.... I'll come back when the problem gets solved.

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