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Link Widget disappears after changing theme

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Hello Community

I'm developing a custom theme "newTheme" with custom hooks. I use the Link Widget in order to show Links to Terms and Conditions etc. Here is the problem:

1. Change the theme from "newTheme" to "classic" 
2. Change back from "classic" to "newTheme"
3. All link widgets using custom hooks are gone

I currently have to reconfigure all custom hook link widgets whenever I change the theme.

Is there a solution to this?

Thank you so much for any hint




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It's super annoying. I've even tried adding the custom hooks to the classic theme in the hope it would save it. It appears it does, but once I switch back to my custom theme it's gone again. But if you are switching back and forth as a work around for your custom hooks to show up in the first place, there IS a button you can click that wil do the same. Go to "Design > Theme and logo > My theme for PrestaShop shop" and there is a button "Reset to defaults". Clicking that button will add your new hooks to the position list.

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