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Amit Kushwaha

[Module] Pre-order - Book in Advance | Sell Out of Stock Product(500+downloads)

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Pre-order - Book in Advance | Sell Out of Stock Product Module

With this Module, the buyer can preorder any product that is available for preorder by the admin. Buyer can either make the full payment, partial payment or dynamic payment as the payment option provided by admin with the product.

Demo Linkhttps://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO9646.html 


Module features-


  • Admin can set out of stock product as a preorder
  • Admin can charge either partial or full payment for preorder products
  • Admin can set preorder price
  • For partial payments, admin can select whether the partial payment type would be fixed or on a percentage basis.
  • Admin can even set the availability date on which the product would be available in stock for purchase
  • Admin can set a countdown for preorder product availability


  • Admin can set product availability through automatically or manually
  • Automatically availability is also there. Once countdown gets over preorder product comes in stock.
  • Admin can check whether preorder product bought by the user has been completed or not.
  • Admin can see the preorder product purchased by the customer under the orders tab.
  • Admin can set the quantity available in stock to be shown when the preorder product is available for purchase.
  • Admin can set the preorder on a combination of product.
  • The voucher will get automatically available on the cart while completing the preorder.


  • Buyer can buy multiple preorder product in a single cart.
  • Buyer can purchase preorder and normal product in a single cart.
  • Admin can set the preorder for all the combination of a product altogether.
  • Admin can also update the preorder for all the combination of product altogether.
  • Admin can specify the maximum number of quantity of product available for preorder while setting preorder.
  • Admin can also set the dynamic payment type for a preorder product.
  • In case of dynamic payment, admin has to specify the minimum amount which has to be quoted to grab the preorder product.
  • Customer will get a custom field to fill their own desired amount to preorder the product.
  • The customer desired amount can be range between the minimum amount and the original price of the product.




Purchase link- https://addons.prestashop.com/en/registration-ordering-process/17707-pre-order-book-in-advance-sell-out-of-stock-product.html

Follow the given link if you guys have any query regarding this module- https://addons.prestashop.com/en/contact-us?id_product=17707

/Amit Kushwaha


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