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feedback on my coin store

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Great start to your website, but there are still some details that need some work.

  • add a favicon: helps with branding and creates a more complete-professional look
  • Add a banner with any specials or promotions
  • Add customer reviews: this encourages new customers to trust in their decisions
  • Add additional social media share options beyond Facebook: this encourages more customer buy-in by building a community of users who can communicate
  • You should create a social media presence by creating Facebook, Instagram and similar social media accounts: This helps with Branding which can lead to greater community buy-in/ organic marketing
  • Add a buy now button that helps streamline your checkout: currently there are quite a few additional steps that slow down the process
  • Make sure a call to action button is available on your home page no matter what image is showing: currently the call to action (check our products) on 1 of 3 of the images
  • Move your specials and any important information above the fold (scroll point on a landing page): clients shouldn't have to scroll to see your best items and other essential details.
  • Align  the "world coins" drop down menu : clear columns would make it appear more professional and therefore appealing to customers
  • Your "prices drop""page doesn't show any items when clicked - instead a "sorry for the inconvenience note appears 
  • Change "prices drop"page to "sales" so there is less confusion as to what is listed
  • On the delivery page, use different styling for headers and descriptions: this helps customers to more easily differentiate content and generally just plain looks nicer - Also, the words shipping policy that begins the paragraph doesn't seem appropriately placed...
  • Your shipping policy and return policy are not clearly written/ are difficult to understand. The details should be simple and clear. I strongly recommend rewriting these statements and also clearly writing your return address at the end.
  • Your terms and conditions page are not clearly written/ are difficult to understand: I strongly recommend rewriting this section and checking that sentences are clearly connected and ended with periods. 
  • Your about us page could be better written to describe your brand and to use the available space: Consider adding details about what makes your store unique and or the history of it. Furthermore, make sure that you utilize the space provided- as is you have a significant amount of wasted space.
  • Your secure payment page doesn't appear to list your payment types or a significant amount of information. Rather, it seems to miss an opportunity to explain why you are a trusted source to make a purchase form
  • Aussie coins direct show dates page could be more predominately displayed on your site. This is a great way to market your ideas. Also consider how you can better design a chart of dates of shows as well as previous shows attended. This would add to your apparent professionalism. Also, remember to end your sentences with a period.
  • Your "our stores"page is empty: this might discourage some customers
  • You have a nice looking banner hidden below the fold. Move it to the top of your page to make your site look more appealing
  • Consider adding a more robust returns policy, perhaps for new or returning customers: having your customers pay for returns might turn them off to making a purchase, pa
  • add information and or pictures showing the size of coins to help people better visualize their purchases
  • Your page failed a mobile speed test: see picture below and work on optimizing your site for mobile devices
  • Your desktop site has an okay page speed but would benefit from additional optimizations to further help your SEO


Best of luck with your shop, after you have made changes, feel free to post here again or to message me with any additional questions you might have.





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You don't have any backlinks. This is a massive problem, you should at least start by building links in local citations like Google My Business and Facebook etc.

You have no sitemap. This is easy to fix just activate the module and upload it to google search.

Most of your pages have a very low word count.  Try to add more content to them.

You have 60 pages with duplicate <title> tags and 55 pages with no H1 tags.

I wrote an article on doing a site audit I think it would help you.  You can see (LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR - Unsolicited paid advertising)

I hope this helps.


Strategy 240

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