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Can I get some help on a tax problem that I am facing?

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A few days ago I discovered a small problem on my PrestaShop It was working well up until then and then
all of a sudden this problem appeared.

My shop is based in The Netherlands and we are using Mollie to accept payments. Our setup allows customers from 
Belgium to place an order without tax provided that they enter a valid VAT Number.

Here is the problem. When a customer adds an item into the shopping cart and enters a valid VAT number, the VAT
is removed successfully. This is good. Then he goes off to Mollie (payment gateway) and makes the payment for
the correct amount. Then when he comes back to the "Order confirmed" page, THEN the VAT is added back to
the order. Because of this I get the error "Warning €12.45 paid instead of €15.07" or something similar.

Any ideas or clues on how to start solving this problem? Thanks to anyone that helps!

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