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Add Javascrit event to product-list ?


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Hi there!

I need to add document.addEventListener to a script in product-list, but I don't know how to do that.

I guess i n a .js file in js folder, but in me theme I can't see any file called product-list.js?

Or am I wrong and there is another way to do that.


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Depends a lot of the theme you use ūüėē

What you can do is load the product list page, and check what JS files are called using your browser inspector. This will give you a list of the files where you can insert your code snippet :) try to use one relevant that is only loaded in the page.

In the worst case ... modify he smarty template for product-list and inject your javascript there, in a script tag. But it's a bad practice.

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Actually I tried to create a new js file and add it to all my pages (not great...) throught header.tpl

Is it a good way?

However I got an error that I didn't get when I first made my test on one single html page.

libreecoute.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).addEventListener is not a function


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However I am using Prestashop

I am also worried with my error.
Actually I had a difficulties with my event handler it seems I missed something...

 $(document).on('play','something missing here?' ,function(e)


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