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Accidental accident - deleted ftp

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So We had small accident at our site, when someone unfortunetly deleted whole ftp.. so I did back up etc. but now when i try to make order itshows 500 shades of white.. 

After allowing debug mode its spits out those line:  


Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

(1/1) ContextErrorException

Notice: Undefined variable: payment_id

in dm_cashondelivery.php line 539

at dm_cashondelivery->hookDisplayHeader(array('cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 12))in Hook.php line 924

at HookCore::coreCallHook(object(dm_cashondelivery), 'hookdisplayHeader', array('cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 12))in Hook.php line 328

at HookCore::callHookOn(object(dm_cashondelivery), 'displayHeader', array('cookie' => object(Cookie), 'cart' => object(Cart), 'altern' => 12))in Hook.php line 860

at HookCore::exec('displayHeader')in FrontController.php line 552

at FrontControllerCore->initContent()in OrderController.php line 300

at OrderControllerCore->initContent()in Controller.php line 255

at ControllerCore->run()in Dispatcher.php line 428

at DispatcherCore->dispatch()in index.php line 28


We are running at this shop.  

I tried to disable cash on delivery but nothing changed. Any ideas? Im gona try on my own but more heads more ideas right? :D.. 


Well i did solve cashondelivery module but now


(1/1) ContextErrorException

Warning: vsprintf(): Too few arguments

in PrestaShopTranslatorTrait.php line 57

at TranslatorComponent->trans('The %1$s field is too long (%2$d chars max).', array('email', 128), 'ShopNotificationsError')in CustomerForm.php line 164

at CustomerFormCore->getEmailMaxLengthViolationMessage()in CustomerForm.php line 138

at CustomerFormCore->validateFieldsLengths()in CustomerForm.php line 130

at CustomerFormCore->validate()in CustomerForm.php line 188

at CustomerFormCore->submit()in CheckoutPersonalInformationStep.php line 65

at CheckoutPersonalInformationStepCore->handleRequest(array('id_customer' => '', 'id_gender' => '1', 'firstname' => 'Misko', 'lastname' => 'Ez', 'email' => 'misko@sz.sk', 'password' => '******', 'psgdpr' => '1', 'submitCreate' => '1', 'continue' => '1', 'controller' => 'order'))in CheckoutProcess.php line 61

at CheckoutProcessCore->handleRequest(array('id_customer' => '', 'id_gender' => '1', 'firstname' => 'Misko', 'lastname' => 'Ez', 'email' => 'misko@sz.sk', 'password' => '******', 'psgdpr' => '1', 'submitCreate' => '1', 'continue' => '1', 'controller' => 'order'))in OrderController.php line 262

at OrderControllerCore->initContent()in Controller.php line 255

at ControllerCore->run()in Dispatcher.php line 428

at DispatcherCore->dispatch()in index.php line 28



Edited by MichaelEZ
solved cashondelivery module (see edit history)

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