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PayPal "Error Occurred" Cache issue


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I'm still using (sorry)

We have an issue with the PayPal module and I'm really at a total loss. 

Every now and again a customer finds they can't checkout with PayPal. It takes them through, they confirm payment, then something happens and they're bounced back to Prestashop with the most helpful "Error Occurred" screen and an empty basket. This will keep happening to them until they clear their site cache. Obviously not every customer will know to clear cache so it's a seriously expensive issue.

I can't even work out where to look for logs to find out what is happening, let alone get close to fixing it. I'd really appreciate any help!

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The post is already old and I expect the problems have already been solved. If someone has the same problem, I recommend resetting the PayPal module. Maybe the problems are solved by resetting the settings. This has saved my butt many times in the past.

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