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ajax call to AdminOrdersController from view.tpl


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hello, i'm new in developing world, and i hope i can find some help here;

I need to call AdminOrdersController from adminXXXXXXXX\themes\default\template\controllers\orders\helpers\view\view.tpl

inside view.tpl i created a button;

	<button id="ricalcolo_tot" class="btn btn-success" type="button" disabled>
              <i class="fa fa-dollar"></i>
              {l s='calculate total price' d='Admin.Orderscustomers.Feature'}

inside AdminOrdersController.php I have a function that should make a db Call to a stores Procedure:

public function callDBPArrotondamenti($id_order) {
        echo "called";
		$orders_qy = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('CALL arrotondamenti($id_order)');	

how can i call the function form view.tpl with an ajax request directly from template?

Thanks for any answer.

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hello CedCommerceTeam and thanks for your reply, i already tried to contact AdminOrdersController throught a ajax POST call but this call doesn't reach the controller:

function Button2listener(event) {

       /*   $.ajax({
          type : 'POST',
          dataType : 'json',
          url : 'ajax-tab.php',
          data : {
            //required parameters
            ajax : true,
            controller : 'AdminOrdersController',
            action : 'callDBPArrotondamenti',
            token : '{$token}', 
            //additional parameters to your controller
            id_order : '{$order->id}'

any advice?

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can you please give me an example of a function that i can use inside my controller to pass the value id_order (received by ajax call from tpl) to a stored procedure inside my db?

dont know how to read the value sent throught the ajax call.

thanks for replies.

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