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Different shipping based on various countries

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I have the following situation:

For Romania (my country) I have shipping cost 15 Lei based on minimum order value of 100Lei.

Free delivery in Romania only, start with 300 Lei.

For Bulgaria Shipping cost is 48 Lei. When the order is more than 300 Lei, the Free Shipping rule is applied. This is the problem.

How can I have in the same time, based on orders bigger than 300 lei, various shipping cost and for local country free delivery?

-For Romania - Free Shipping

-For Bulgaria 48 Lei

-For other countries - other cost.

remove or to increase the order value for Bulgaria only to avoid free shipping?

The shop is here: https://www.tpb.ro

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The answer is not straight forward. It depends on what you are planing to use shipment, because some shipment modules has different configuration option.

However if we talk about plain PrestaShop, you can set prices depending on the Zones. Which means that you need to create two zones: Romania zone, Bulgaria zone. 

You can do that by going to International->Location. In the zone tab you can create new zone and in the countries tab you can assign country to the zone.

Then you have to go to Shipping->Carriers; select a carrier and in the second step you can enter the pricing for each zone. Here you can create conditions e.g from 100 to 300 price is 15Lei, from 301 price is 0 Lei.

I hope it's clear enough to help you. 


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Hey there,

Looks like you're tackling a bit of a puzzle with your shipping setup. Here's a suggestion to help you navigate through it:

For Romania:

Shipping cost: 15 Lei

Minimum order value for shipping: 100 Lei

Free shipping kicks in at: 300 Lei

For Bulgaria:

Shipping cost: 48 Lei

Free shipping starts at: Try setting this to an unrealistically high value, something way beyond what you'd expect as a maximum order value.

For Other Countries:

Simply set up shipping rules with the respective costs for each country.

This way, Romania gets free shipping for orders over 300 Lei, Bulgaria maintains its 48 Lei shipping cost without accidentally triggering free shipping, and other countries follow their specified shipping rules.

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