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PS 1.7 - WebService - Updating Customers causes password problems.


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I'm in the process of making an integration for Prestashop and our Warehouse System and CRM.

I have a problem that when i try to update a customer, it REQUIRES that i have a "passwd" field/element, which is an unhashed text string ( as it gets hashed by Prestashop when it updates the customer).

The problem with this is that, when i want to update a customer with some details from our CRM, it forces me to send a new password that the Customer in Prestashop will be updated with as well.

So by updating, say, the First name of a customer, i have to reset the password for that customer.

I tried to not send a passwd with it, but it just returns an error saying that i have to supply a password.

Sending an empty string changes the password ( presumeably tothe hash of an empty string?), which makes it impossible to log in as the client side validation wont allow for empty passwords. ( and it may or may not work anyways).


So is there a way to update a customer via the WebService WITHOUT having to create a new password for them?

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