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Copying from root to a subfolder


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I run the version of prestashop.
What i want to do is copy the shop from www.example.com to www.example.com/shop .

I read some topics I found in the forum, but none of them seem to help.

So what I do is:

1. literally copy the content from public_html to public_html/shop 

2. Go to SEO & URLs and change the links to /shop

3. Go to phpMyAdmin and change the ps_shop_url  DB to match the new domain and the new domain ssl

4. Tell host to redirect to the new subfolder.

5. Change the name of .htacess file and make a new one from SEO & URL

After that I go to the new page (www.example.com/shop) and all I see is a blank page. Admin panel is not working. 

Now I've read that I also need to mess with setting.inc.php to reflect the changes, but all I see in that file is this:

//@deprecated 1.7

Which makes me think that for 1.7 there's something else that needs to be done.

Has anyone done this and if so can you tell me the steps? 

I'm really not that good with these things, I'm probably missing something simple, but I can't figure it on my own

Thanks in advance.


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If you change your url in SEO & URLS to /shop then you do not need to redirect web to subfolder.

If the host changed webroot to subfolder, then delete the /shop from your url. Since you can not do it from the backoffice look for ps_shop_url table and change it there


The idea is this:

Your shop lives in the root folder of the web, for example ../public_html 
There you have your prestashop folders. You access the shop from url myshop.com


Your shop lives in the subfolder of the root folder, for example ../public_html/shop

There you have your prestashop folders. You access the shop from url myshop.com/shop


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15 hours ago, Kert L said:

If it's 500 or blank page, turning on Debug mode will help to debug this problem.


Also, did you change the URL, virtual_uri or physical_uri to sho?

Hello Kert L, 

Can you specify what you mean by changing the url to virtual_url or physical_url ? 

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If you look at ps_shop_url table do you have your shop url there like this:


or like this:



Basically the domain has to be your shop "root" domain. Physical uri is the folder your shop lives in.


EDIT: If you look at the URL settings from Back Office the "physical_uri" field is named as "Base URI"

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