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error 500 when i reply to customers


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hello everybody, i am new on prestashop and i am trying to configure my website contact form, when i send a form as a customer to my website as test, it works, but when i try to reply through my backoffice, it gives me this error, can somebody explain me why?


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Try turning on the debug mode. If it still shows you 500 Error page, you have to look for server errors ( error_log )

If it displays some error and you do not understand what it means then Copy or take a picture of that error and show us.


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For reference the problem is in this function "idn_to_ascii" In Mail class method toPunycode ( classes/Mail.php:893 )


From php.net idn_to_ascii requires intl >= 1.0.2

You can verify if you have these requirements from phpinfo




Screenshot from 2019-07-11 17-57-55.png

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added intl image from phpinfo (see edit history)
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