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3 hours ago, parice001254 said:

Revolut Payments Module is not a payment module but just sends money from one account to another so it reacts exactly like a bank transfer module and therefore has no place on prestashop and / or should be free


Revolut Payments Module n'est pas un module de paiement mais juste envoie d'argent d'un compte a un autre donc il réagit exactement comme un module de virement bancaire et donc n'a pas sa place sur prestashop et/ou devrait être gratuit 

As I stated in my initial reply of this post, "a light version integration" and "As soon as their API provides support for Payment Gateways I will make the implementation." should be more than sufficient to conclude that this is not a API payment integration module. The screenshots of the module are pretty obvious I think.



therefore has no place on prestashop

as long as it helped a couple of people I think it really needs to be here.



or should be free

 you don't get to decide the price of a module you did not developed

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3 hours ago, miethod said:


are you the developer of this module ??? : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/50148-revolut-gateway-for-prestashop.html 

It is not working in Prestashop 1.6.24, after clicking "Buy Now" nothing happens...



No, that's not my module.

You should write a ticket to the developer here.

Or you can hire a developer to fix your issue.

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