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Delivery times not showing on product pages anymore (

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Hello everybody, I have a serious (because legally not compliant) problem with my Prestashop: After updating from to version, the delivery times on my product pages are no longer displayed. I assume that it has something to do with the shift of the delivery times from the legal complience module into the default settings of Prestashop ("Shop Settings/preferences -> Article"). Maybe my quite old theme doesn't fetch the right things from the database anymore due to this change?

Does anyone have an idea what I would have to enter into the product.tpl to correctly read out the delivery times and display them again? Or am I on the wrong track and there is another solution?

I tried to visualize the problem in my (german) webshop. The delivery time should be (and was before updating) displayed where the red arrows points at (between "Versandkosten" and the *)


Thank you in advance!

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