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[SOLVED] Changes in order status template not working! Changes does not affect on emails sent to customers

Tobias Olsen Vium

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I have a very frustrating problem.

I am trying to remove the "Powered by prestashop" at the bottom om my email templates. But they are there even if i remove them from HTML editor under translations! I really neeed some help.. 
The "Example button under order statusses does not show the version i have edited, it shows the originat version. For exaple payment, preperation, in_transit and all the others are default and i cant change them :(

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Sure thing!

It's actually quite simple.... But kinda stupid.. :)

1. Make the changes you want under email translations in your backoffice.

2. Find the  "/public_html/mails" folder, on your server/hosted server.

3. Go to either the "en" folder and open a template that you have changed. Check if your changes are applied to the files themselves. If they are, go to step 4.

4. Copy the corrected files to all the other language folders (If you have any).

5. Copy the files to your THEME email template folder aswell. (This was my problem...)

6. Should be fixed now! :D

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