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Hi everyone, I got a simple question about default search included in Prestashop maybe you are able to help me.

My shop is running on lastest version of Presta ( ). Basically every product has assigned ref code (Reference field in product page) - problem is when I try to search some products by their ref codes I got alot more results than expected.

To make it clear for you for example we've got product A with ref code AX-345. When I type AX-345 into search bar my product appears but with other products.
Some of them got prefix AX___ in title, some of them got prefix AX__ in ref code - but with different numbers. Its great that if someone will type AX he will get every product with AX + something but its not that great if someone is looking for specific product with specific ref code.

So there is my question. Is there any option to force search results to show only that one product with valid ref code instead of all with part of it? Ofc this exeception should work only for reference field.
Do I need to buy any module or it is somehow possible to do it by myself?

Thanks for reading this :) I hope you can help me :)

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