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Hello all

This is a very simple question and I believe there is a simple answer, but for some reason I cant find the solution

I need to modify the text (tax incl) & included tax

Im pretty sure I changed the (tax incl) previously via translation within Presta, now I am stumped.

Does this require editing of particular files associated with my website or is there a Prestashop work around.




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2 hours ago, NemoPS said:

doesn't it pop up if you search "included" in the search box in the back office translations?

Hi @NemoPS

I have the same issue. I managed to translate the address field "Identification Number" to my custom label in Back Office Translations / Orderscustomers / Feature, and its shows ok in customers/addresses in the BO. But I can't find where to achieve showing the same in the addresses section in the checkout form, beacuse in the Theme Translations, in Shop / Forms, the field "Identification Number" (and any of the remaining checkout fields) is not even showed up. I'm totally lost with it. :(

I even exported the language (in this case es-ES), as stated in some articles I found online, and putted in "translations/es-ES" (I created the folder).


And in the "ShopFormsLabels.es-ES.xlf" file, that I pressume is for translating the checkout form fields, I found the string "Identification Number", and I manually fixed (in this case the new string is "Cédula/RUC", as opposite the default: "Número de identificación fiscal".


Still is not showing correctly in my user address form in checkout, and its showing the default message:


I even cleared var/cache, and nothing has changed.


Thanks in advance.

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