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show shipping method in pop-up summey before confirm order


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i use one page chekout and bankwire module . i set the a option so before customer confirm order a pop-up showing the payment metod and total cost of order to customer . now i want to add  selected customer  carrier and shipping method to this information


in /themes/modules/bankwire/views/templates/front and  this file : payment_execution.tpl

i found the code like this

{l s='We allow the following currency to be sent via bank wire:' mod='bankwire'}&nbsp;<b>{$currencies.0.name}</b>
   <input type="hidden" name="currency_payment" value="{$currencies.0.id_currency}" />


who showing the currencies


but i dont know ... how to write a code like this for showing selected customer carrier and shipping method to this information and display it

i searched a forum but i cant found a solution for this

please help me


best regard

a alone presta lover .


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