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Hello... I need help with some filtering... I'm creating a car parts store and I need a sort of filter, that when I select: "Find parts by car options" (fx brand model year)  this global filter 'hides' the categories from the entire page that a not relevant (where there are no products available for this search), only showing you the specific category options related to the search, so the content of the page remains as it was, but filtered - not giving you a massive list with products.  (hope this makes sense, an example of what I mean below)

Like most car pages apparently, do... 

This site fx: https://www.showoffimports.nl/home.php?setregion=jp 
Has a filter to the left, and when you select your car it gives you the 'main page' - (not a result page with products), but with the categories + products related to the search remaining: https://gyazo.com/f545da5a7a6539f8d0f37be3b5bac40c

And also saves your selection until you reset the filter. 

Is there a module for this, or does it have to be coded specifically? As I mention, this is very common on most car store webshop, so its possible to do...
Can anyone help me? 



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