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[Job Offer] Prestashop 1.6 error

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Would like to hire developer to fix the following issue that we are encountering. ( screenshot and video to reproduce issue can be provided before taking the job) 

Recently i've encounter an issue and we've still unable to find out what is the root cause. 
We edit a product the product when we click save on the product the page will not refresh. It seems like the when we click the save button it doesn't post and refresh the page. When I refresh it show the updated value.

This is also happened to the customer order status when we update their payment status they will not be able to see it. They have to clear their browser cahce re log in and see the updates. This wasnt happen before and i've been using it for many years and the issue start appearing about 1 month ago. 


Prestashop version is 1.6

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3 minutes ago, Daresh said:


it's a known issue, you need to update your shop.

Hi Daresh
I've been using the same version of prestashop for a very long time but nvr encounter this issue. was this issue just happened recently ? 


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Yes, beacause of updates in web browsers (chrome, firefox etc.)

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