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Feedback on my shopping store


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Hi there,

I've taken a look at your website and see that there are a few places that could be improved.

-Failed a speed test: Check out google's page speed test for itemized solutions in order to improve your speed score. This can have quite a significant impact on your conversion rates.Capture.PNG.d03f3076fa361ffddc1871fed9aa963e.PNG

- On your homepage, your Call To Action button (show now) is hard to see. Make it more visible by changing the color, size, and or background

-improve product titles and descriptions: it is difficult to understand the difference in value and their are limited details explaining why your customers should buy. Click here for a quick guide on improving your product page. See below for an example. Also consider how many details are being included that are unnecessary, your pages seem overloaded!



- Move essential or promotional materials to the landing page above the fold or even to the banner (clients shouldn't have to scroll to find them)Capture.thumb.PNG.17b4b0b899393f4df80f6ce00c4d1c3e.PNG


Best of luck with your shop, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

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