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[Solved] Where are the unlimited payment methods?

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Hi, me again. As you can probably guess I'm working my thru Prestashop.


On the features page it says Prestashop has unlimited payment methods, but in the admin panel we are only given two, cheques and paypal. Cheques is ok, very good infact, but personally I consider PPal as one of the worst alternatives you could offer.


Where are the others?


Specifically I want to process my payments offline, so as such  I don't need any proprietary supplier.


I just need to collect all the information, store it and download it securely.


(Yes I am aware of the security issues.)





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Hi mdg, long time no see. ;D


When we say "unlimited payment methods," we're referring to the fact that anyone can create their own payment module and add it to his or her site.


We realize of course that not everyone who uses PrestaShop has the coding skills to create his or her own modules. For future reference, you will be able to either obtain one from the Modules section of our Download page or from other community members who post their modules in the Make your own module section of this forum.


We can also create customized Modules for you. For PrestaShop customization services, please use our Contact form.


As for your specific needs, mdg -- payments offline, e.g., cash, over the phone, etc. -- we're in the process of developing just such a Module.  It will be ready for the next release, slated for a week from today (Nov. 26).


(Just FYI, we hope to finish a Google Checkout Module by next Monday, as well.)


For curiosity's sake, why are you not fond of Paypal payments?  It is the commission they charge the merchant for each payment via credit card?

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OK, I kinda thought that would be the answer.


I'm happy to wait for the modules.


As for not being fond of paypal, well I'm not a fan of third party gateways or processes of any kind for several reasons.


1: As a business you lose control of the customer/buying process. IE: The customer is taken away from your site and lots of things can and will go wrong in the payment processing chain which can result in you completely losing the sale. I have tested this at length and in detail and the percentage of lost sales can be staggeringly high. The full story would be too long for one post.


2: Online payment gateways simply aren't necessary for a lot of businesses. IE: If you are an existing offline business then you probably already have what you need to accept credit card payments. (If you're not, then yes you will need some kind of online payment gateway.) Again, I won't go into details due to length.


3: Costs: EG Annual fee, monthly access fees, transaction fees, and in some cases percentage of the action fees. All avoidable.


I know the accepted web wisdom is to use payment gateways, but I have clients who have happily been processing their payments offline for almost the past 8 years, and they have none of the problems or hassles we typically encounter when using an online gateway.


Paypal: I just find paypal unnecessarily convoluted from both a customer and merchant perspective. Experience has taught me to avoid complexity. Plus there's the costs, and they want to hold on to the merchants' money for a month. (Or at least they used to.) That doesn't mean I won't use it as a merchant, It's just not my favourite solution.


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