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Final price (With taxes) in the product order details table


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In prestashop 1.7.2 we wanted to display final price with taxes in the product order details. We want to share this solution with you.


  1. Open for editing /document-root/adminfolder/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/ _product_line.tpl
  2. Add the following lines at the beginning of the file before {* Assign product price *} 
{* Assign retail product price wit taxes *}
{assign var=product_price_retail value=$product['price'] * (($product['tax_rate']/100) +1)}

Then  change the variable in about line 60.

<span class="product_price_show">{displayPrice price=$product_price_retail currency=$currency->id}</span>


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I try Your solution right now and seems very good it work perfect

The Only thing is the result on total tax included you will get:

Tax 35,00 Eur (example) tax 7,20 (example)

i would as result

Total Tax Included  35,00 Euro but did not find yet solution

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  • 7 months later...

Same problem with PS i cant find:

AdminOrdersController.php or /document-root/adminfolder/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/ _product_line.tpl to change

Any help, please? Thanks so much

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