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Add custom or pre-defined feature value programmatically in PHP


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Hello devs,

How to add custom (not-predefined) product feature to feature group in already existing  product? For example I have:

Product = Pretty furniture; and Feature group = Furniture material

How to add to this Furniture material group custom value like "asdasdasd" in PHP?

I tried with Product::addFeaturesToDB and Product::addFeatureProductImport but with no luck :(


Can anyone provide step by step solution how to add custom value to feature?



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Hello @hakeryk2 I heard You have problem with this and I will help You because You are such a great person. Here is a solution to your concern.

If You will digg in into AdminImportController.php You will find out that there is a option to import features. Just grab it from there and adjust it to your needs or create a complete new function that You will be using with ease in future. Here it is. Just put into override Product.php


     * Adds a feature value to a Product. If You want to have feature selected from dropdown leave $custom to false.
     * @param int|$id_product
     * @param int|$id_feature_group
     * @param string|$feature_value
     * @param bool|true $custom
     * @param int|$id_lang
     * @return bool
    public static function setFeatureValueToProduct($id_product, $id_feature_group, $feature_value, $custom = false, $id_lang)
        $group_feature_obj = Feature::getFeature($id_lang, $id_feature_group);

        if ($group_feature_obj){
            $feature_name = $group_feature_obj['name'];
            $feature_value = $feature_value ? trim($feature_value) : '';
            $position = false;

            if (!empty($feature_name) && !empty($feature_value)) {
                $id_feature = (int)FeatureCore::addFeatureImport($feature_name, $position);

                $id_feature_value = (int)FeatureValue::addFeatureValueImport($id_feature, $feature_value, $id_product, $id_lang, $custom);
                if (Product::addFeatureProductImport($id_product, $id_feature, $id_feature_value)){
                    return true;
                } else {
        } else {

Example of use:

Product::setFeatureValue(1597, 15,  'Dracarys', false, 1);


It was really nice to help You, have a good luck in future.


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that seems to be a very nice solution.

I'd like to use it but don't know where to put and call this code.

I guess I should paste your function "setFeatureValueToProduct" in override/controllers/front/ProductController.php to override the genuine file??

My goal is to create a PHP script in root folder ex: www/testFeature.php to loop on older tables for get features and assign them to new products.
Is there a way call setFeatureValueToProduct function in my testFeature.php? Or should i do it diffetently?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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