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Bug or working as designed ?


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I have a Prestashop installation which has worked fine for 2+ years.
Prestashop Version

About a month ago - unable to login to BackOffice (admin)

Entering wrong email or password gives an error - "Employee does not exist or password provided is incorrect"!
Correct details simply keeps asking for password

I've tried Resetting the password - same
(also tried a new install of 1.6 although slightly newer > created same user and copied the encryped password)

My Host is set to PHP 5.6 but have tried 7.0 (7.1 just fails!)

I have Flushed the Cache deleted files in Smarty\cache

I've RESTORE an old backup made in Nov2018 to another domain and folder ie. presta

I've tried Chrome, IE, Firefox and Edge - cache cleared

Same issue *** Now this is worrying  ***

Are there any Developers willing to help me fix the issue - PAID OF COURSE!!

I notice Prestashop Ticket based support no longer offers password recovery ticket




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