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SVG Support in Prestashop


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Dear developers of prestashop

I would like to add SVG graphics to my shop. Unfortunately, no vector graphics can be uploaded at Prestashop, which is a pity. SVG has a firm place on the internet and is (especially for logos of brands, shipping, etc.) the better solution than raster graphics.

With a trick I was able to upload SVG at least for CMS pages. For this, I've added the following lines to admin/filemanager/upload.php:

$ext_img[] = "svg";
$ext[] = "svg";

$ext_img[] = "svgz";
$ext[] = "svgz";

$mime[] = "image/svg+xml";
$mime[] = "image/svgz+xml";

Of course, this trick is unclean. So I would like to ask if it might be possible to allow SVG by default in Prestashop as a file upload in the near future.

Thank you very much!

Léonce Aklin

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In the modern Responsive world... pixel logos just look cheap/amateur.  They're often the only 'soft' visuel element on a page and unfortunately, they point straight at the company and make it look cheap.

Please add support for SVG graphics.

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