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Prestashop 1.7 error 500 when try access to Backoffice


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Hello community, I come here with a problem that I can not solve.

I have a prestashop in version 1.7 that I have moved to another server, it is worth mentioning that in the old server the prestashop is working well.

When I have migrated the prestashop to the new server, everything works well except when I want to enter the Backoffice, when I want to enter the Backoffice, simply leaves the page blank.

I have activated the debug mode, but it doesn't give me any error related to Backoffice, the interesting thing is that when the debug mode is activated, I can enter the Backoffice without problem.

The only thing I can see is that it gives me an error 500 but it doesn't tell me anything else.

I don't know if anyone can give me any idea of what might be happening in this case, thank you.

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