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Invalid token when I try to delete a product from the cart!


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Hello, I'm having a weird problem with one of the templates i bought from prestastore. When i try to delete a product from the cart, when on the index page (homefeatured) or from the “Your Shopping Cart” (order.php) , the token in the link is missing for some reason, and I get a error saying “Invalid Token” and can not delete the item.


When I click the delete button again, or on any other part of the site, the link is right with the token and workes without problems.


Also, when I click on “Add to cart” on a product on the homefeatured products on the index page, it does not do the normal animation where you see the item get dropped in the cart, it takes me directly to order.php and the item is in it. This workes perfectly fine when adding a product from any of the categories or on the product page, but not from the home featured products. Can't figure out WHY it does this, since the links are exactly the same.

When I change back to prestashops original template, everything works fine as it should. I have been comparing the tpl files but can not find where anything is different that is coursing this behavior and its driving me crazy. I am using 1.3.7. Have anyone had this problem before and knows how to figure it out?! Help would be very much appreciated.


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