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Alternative HSBC payment module

Paul C

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I thought it best to start a new thread to save confusion, although this same post has been added to the original HSBC thread.

I’ve posted my version under HSBC CPI Payment Module on my site if you guys want to try it out and see if it fixes any issues you’re having. For those using non-UK HSBC accounts I suggest that you try it out (there's support for multiple currencies and countries within the code already, so as long as the same mechanism is used in all cases it should work fine). Please let me know of any issues and we can build them into the module if possible, or create a derivative that's country-specific if this is required.

One of the problems with the HSBC service is that you need a different ID (and associated hash key) for every currency you want to accept. In this version of the module I’ve used the currency restrictions functionality to allow you to match payments to a single currency you have available via the HSBC service. Regardless of the store currency settings the module will only take payment in the HSBC currency for which it’s been set up. The currency restriction is detailed on the payment page for the customer. I may look at extending the module to support multiple currencies if there’s a reasonable amount of demand for it.

As with all modules with a callback, you need to ensure that the remote server has the ability to call the validation.php script in the module directory – in a similar way to the PayPal module.

Errors are currently only reported via the customer return screen. This is due to the lack of anywhere else to log them! To use the built-in message functionality you need an order created to attach the message to. Here, in the absence of a valid order, the customer is given a friendly message and an error code that they can quote when contacting your customer support team; these error codes correspond to the HSBC error codes in their documentation.

There are three cases where no error code is specified:

a) Two possible valid order completed messages:
- Order completed (Status = Completed)
- Order completed but flagged by FraudShield and requiring manual review (Status = Processing)
B) Order cancelled - this displays a cancelled message and a button to click to return to the payment method selection screen to pay via a different method.

If any of the folks who previously provided translations wish to update them I’ll happily include them in the distribution. Hopefully I've caught all the static text and it should be fully translatable. There is also a media folder that contains the payment logo in png format and some card logos should you wish to change the card options displayed.



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