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Minor change during customer registration process


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I have just downloaded and installed prestashop and am in the process of testing it. This is a great shopping-cart script, and it meets all but one of my requirements.

What I need is a simple minor change during customer signups.
Once the customer registers his account, I need a random integer generated and displayed it to the customer or it can be sent by the welcome mail to him/her. Also, I need that same generated number to be stored in the customer table in a new column. I should also be able to view that generated number from the BO when I view the related customer.

Could any of you nice people tell me how to go about it. I have a little bit of experience in PHP/MySQL but no idea about smarty templating engine.

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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hi angora, thanks for the link. I have read through it and managed to get partly what I needed.

Had success in generating the code and also storing it in the address table with a new field namely "regCode". But now, I need to be able to view it from the BO too. When i tried the following code in the AdminAddresses.php , it came up empty.

echo ''.$this->l('Registration Code').'';
echo '

<input type="text" size="33" name="regCode" value="' .htmlentities($this->getFieldValue($obj, 'regCode'), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8').'" >'.$this->l('Invalid characters:').' <>;=#{}

Could you please tell me what I need to do to extract the details from the database.

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