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Link Missing in Translation for Email Subscription Admin section

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Im translation from English to French some of languages files. Everytimes in some section when i save the modification i have a "red" error warning said '"1 missing" and nothing seems to be missing. Every fields is filled on all pages.

It happens on many modules. 

Why this happen?


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Im still getting issues with Translactions. After some months of work, i do understand what is the issue, but how resolve it is another problem.

The product is Prestashop itself. It's install in French Canada language has qc-QC locales and fr-CA for language id and coutry.

Is qc is not a language, and QC are not a country. They seems to fix the French Canada language in version and more. 

When i edit translations, it's post has fr-CA locales. In reality, the store still think we're in qc has locales instead of fr.

It's weird, also hard to fix.


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