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Hi all,

Is there a Donate module available?

Ideally at the cart/checkout stage which allows the customer to add a donation amount to their order.

Thanks in advance.

John McCann

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Thanks, but I need a Charity Module with the following feature, if anyone can do this contact me.


Feature Requirements List:
• Ability to be able to allow charities to signup (a separate signup form to customer signup) to receive funding on front end 
• Charities have access to their account panel(Username/Password) and can see donations received and paid out to their organization
• Charities can social share in their Charity account panel
• Full donations statistics for Charity account panel and BO Site Admin 
• Ability to see a donated amount, paid out amount and outstanding amount due to be paid for each charity in BO Site Admin
• Detailed reports of donations accepted with ability to sort, filter and export to CSV, XML formats in BO Site Admin
• Be able to see a total donated amount and number of customers who gave donations. 
• Ability to separate donations for tax donation purposes. Meaning donation amount can be kept distinct from merchandise amount
• Ability to pay charities in BO Site Admin and paid amount deducted from amount shown in Charity panel and BO Site Admin (I use PayPal)
• Donation field (charity receiving donation and amount) is visible in the following:
a. the Cart total
b. on the Admin Order View page
c. invoice page and printable PDF Invoice. 
d. on email confirmation page sent to customer upon completion of transaction. 
• Ability to add charities (customers will be able to select a charity they want to donate to) drop down menu style. 
• Customers select charities and donation amounts in a user-friendly pop-up at the checkout page - donation amounts are set in BO Site Admin
• Ability to customize/edit charity name and signup info in the BO Site Admin
• Ability to enable/disable a charity in the BO Site Admin (charity is either activated/enabled to be displayed or when disabled removed from front-end and charities list
• Ability to accept donations even if no product is purchased. Even if we do not sell anything donation can be made. 
• Ability to define a default charity (it will be pre-selected on the BO Site Admin)
• Ability to display total donation amounts received to date on Home page - ticker to display to count infinite
• Ability to display all participating charities with their logo, information and description including donation amounts received to date in alpha order on CMS web page.

• 100% Open Source

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