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Cart and Order Confirmation Email Not Showing Correct Voucher Amount PS


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The issues are visualized in the attached but a summary:

  • I created a $20 off + Free shipping code (voucher should only deduct subtotal + tax)
  • ISSUE 1: When code is applied, tax is changed to $0 and the voucher total is shown to be subtotal + shipping (not tax), when the deduction was actually subtotal + tax (verified because a new code was generated with the remaining balance)
  • ISSUE 2: The order confirmation email also shows an incorrect voucher total of subtotal + shipping + tax (shipping should not be included)
  • ISSUE 3: The online order history shows the right amount the voucher deducted ($18.07), but shows the incorrect "total vouchers" (shows the same voucher total found in the order confirmation email)

I am using a one page checkout module, but have validated that the same issue is occurring in standard PS core checkout.

Is anyone else having the same issue and can help please?


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