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[Solved] Child Themes of Classic issues - missing icons and defunct modules

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Hi group brain!

Now, I've been fiddling with making a child theme of "Classic" so that I don't have to modify the parent theme for every update:


parent: classic
name: rsl-classic
display-name: RSL Classic mods
version: 1.0.0
  use_parent_assets: true

(The simplest, as outlined in the docs)

To this I've copied assets/css/custom.css and theme.css
That's all the structure available. 

However, starting a child theme generates a few issues which I can reproduce on a second install: On the left, basic classic theme. On the right: child theme. Also missing the icon for "Online only"?


What am I missing? The child theme is to inherit all of the parent, correct? And that should include icons, right? 

Cache has been cleared, and I'm running a clean browser for testing purposes.

[Solved] Oh, this is a wonderfully weird thing ; I was reflecting on the clutter of files in the themes/classic/assets/css folder - for some untold reason the theme generates these wee images there instead of in the /var/cache folder - where I'd expect them to be. 

And theme.css seems hardcoded to read them from the assets/css folder? Seriously team? Why?

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Hello @gorkij

Having the same problem. How did you managed to have the child theme (in my case is an exact copy of the classic theme) load the icons?

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Interestingly enough, I had to copy *all* files from the themes/classic/assets/css to the child theme CSS folder. It doesn't seem to inherit properly in this folder. So copying them all fixed it.

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More than interesting :) Since, in my case, was an exact duplicate of the classic theme, the files were there, in themes/classic_new/assets/css. 

But after you said to copy it... I said... hell, it takes 5 seconds to copy and overwrite the files. I did and what do you know, now they show up lol.

Thank you.

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