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 Disqus, Tab on your Home page or Product page Comments

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 Disqus, Tab on your Home page or Product page Comments

 This module adds Disqus comments system on you home page into animated tab or on your store product page .


  • Allows you to comment in real time, and integrates media-online, mobile, and also allows comments by using Twitter, Facebook and other services. 
  • Has a great moderation and an anti-spam tool. 
  • You will get good tool for web comments and discussions on your site. 
  • This module will bring more new visitors to your store. 
  • Module helps to change your store and make it more usability and friendly. 
  • Module Responsive Disqus Comments include configuration for change color style ideal for the overall design of your store.
  • With this module your online Prestashop store will get many benefits from Disqus comment system. 
  • This is one way of social optimization for your  store, because, Disqus users are more likely to share. 
  • Your new visitors from Disqus will  spend more time on your site and they will help to you increase the number of sales. 
  • With this module you will be connected with a large discussion community. 
  • It makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.
  • This module provides an amazing commenting experience to your users while improving site performance at the same time.
  • With a few quick steps, you can turn your old comment system 
  • into a new way to engage your visitors. 
  • You can be reassured, the module increasing exposure and readership, it's very user-friendly module. 
  • All comments indexable by search engines


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