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Developer Needed - 5 tasks

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I have 5 tasks that I would like assistance with. I am also open to plug-ins that may resolve a problem.
My website - www.topnotchtack.com
Number of active products - 351
Please message me with your rate for each task & how much time you may potentially need.

*Please do not email me directly, please keep messages within PrestaShop so it is easier to find and keep organized. When this job is closed, everyone will be notified.*

1. Update PrestaShop version
I am currently running v1.7.3.1 and would like to update to the newest version in hopes to resolve some minor issues
I tried the one click upgrade and it failed. During the restore, a table was deleted and it required backing up to a saved copy that I had).

2. Fix Sales Tax issue/bug
I need to collect 6% sales tax for customers who live in Maryland. When a new customer is viewing a list of products, it automatically adds 6% to all the prices (you can see that on www.topnotchtack.com). I want the list of prices to not include the 6% tax for customers when they are looking at a product page or the category page. I want the 6% tax to be added at checkout when the customer adds their address.
-- When I am on the Pricing section of a product, the Price (tax excl.) & Price (tax incl.) are always the same price. If you change one field, it changes the other. I'm not sure if that is how PrestaShop is suppose to react.


3. Move text from Product Description to Product Summary for all products that have a Product Description
Maybe there is a query that can do this.

4. Automate update Brand field
If the Feature option selected is "Brand", then the Predefined Field option should be used to populate the actual Brand field, then delete the Feature option from the product.
See brand.mov for the manual process that I would like to automate.

5. Next/Back button to view product edit page
When viewing a product's edit page in the backshop, I would like a button that directs me to the next item in the Product List. I want to eliminate the need to click on Product List, scroll through the Quick Navigation, and select the next product to edit.

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