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Current ShareASale integration

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Hi guys

I'm on and I've integrated ShareASale's current tracking pixel - the one that requires a cookie, explained at http://shareasale.com/itp/custom.htm#_Mastertag_Installation_Instructions

Here's how - and again it's a mix of own code and code from Vekia and others from several threads on here back from 2013.

First, to do the cookie, paste this in header.tpl for your template - notice how it's all wrapped in LITERAL clauses otherwise you get http 500.

	<!-- ShareASale - wrapped in literal because otherwise Smarty fails -->
var shareasaleSSCID=shareasaleGetParameterByName("sscid");
	function shareasaleSetCookie(e,a,r,s,t){if(e&&a){var o,n=s?"; path="+s:"",i=t?"; domain="+t:"",l="";r&&((o=new Date).setTime(o.getTime()+r),l="; expires="+o.toUTCString()),document.cookie=e+"="+a+l+n+i}}
function shareasaleGetParameterByName(e,a){a||(a=window.location.href),e=e.replace(/[\[\]]/g,"\\$&");var r=new RegExp("[?&]"+e+"(=([^&#]*)|&|#|$)").exec(a);return r?r[2]?decodeURIComponent(r[2].replace(/\+/g," ")):"":null}

Then, using approach from the forums, I added extra variable to /controllers/front/OrderConfirmationController.php

	        $order = new Order($this->id_order);
        $cart = new Cart($order->id_cart);

Replace the last row (setTemplate) with the 6 rows including the last one. There are samples in the historical threads as how to get more variables - I only needed the order total without tax.

Then in order-confirmation.tpl add the following to the end:

	<img id="_SHRSL_img_1" src="https://www.shareasale.com/sale.cfm?tracking={Tools::getvalue('id_order')}&amount={$products_total}&merchantID=XXXX&transtype=sale&sscidmode=6&sscid={$smarty.cookies.shareasaleSSCID}" width="1" height="1">
<script defer async type="text/javascript" src="https://shareasale-analytics.com/j.js"></script>

Make sure to change your merchantID to the correct one.

Hope that helps you guys - took a chunk out of my day to figure it out since I never did Presta/Smarty programming before.

Have a great day,

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