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Step for migration from 1.4 to 1.7

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Hi all

I have to migrate a shop from to lastest version
Because i dont have a lot of time, i plan to use the bundled upgrade capabilities of Prestashop.

Is there any suggestion like following special versions-steps like this example ?

For example
14.8.2 -> -> ->

Since i cant find a documentation about the work to do, i hope someone already have it done.

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I don't think that's gonna work to be honest, some data will likely get corrupted. If you do succeed, I recommend exporting all of the relevant tables you need (products, orders, etc) from the upgraded 1.7 to a clean 1.7.

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Docu you will find here. I upgraded PS 1.3. to latest by this way. BUT be ware that you will loose all modules bought and themes you used before. You will need to buy them again. Upgrade form modules and themes are not possible in this case. PS 1.7. is best: all new again.


Furthermore: I suggest you to upgrade before 1.4. -> to 1.5. with old 1-click upgrade module. The latest one will not upgrade anymore, cause it is forcing direct upgrade to PS 1.7. So you need to do it by roundabout way. On settings of module you have the option to update by a downloaded package. You can download older PS packages here: https://www.prestashop.com/en/previous-versions

Before upgrading you need to deinstall all extras you have installed (bought/free modules and themes) and revert to original Prestashop software !!! Otherwise you will be not able to upgrade without problems.

If you cannot follow this instructions. Better you contract some expert to do it for you.

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