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Send mail in order confirmation


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I have a problem with images attached to some product in my order:

So I'm trying to send the image when the order is completed. I want to send the email in "OrderConfirmationController", which receive a order as parameter. Is there some way to get attached files from that variable? I have been looking for 'Order' (and others) class and trying to get some information, but as weak typed language, I can't track too much with PHP (well, I'm a noob in Prestashop too).

Thanks in advance.

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hace 15 horas, tdsoft dijo:

You can open classes: classes/mail.php and review Send () function.

you can find how to attach a files at there

I know how to send a email and how to attach files, but in that method, which receives a variable named "$order", I want to get that files and this is what I don't know.

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